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Welcome to the home of Synthetic Minds Press; an independent publishing house from Japan. We mainly publish titles linked to our two story worlds – ‘A World WIthin Worlds’ and ‘Tales from Caer Innar’

A World Within Worlds is a choose your own adventure setting. Based in a world where dreams are fully formed dimensional places where beings travel to and from, your character must make a series of choices to overcome the exciting, terrifying and just plain weird new realities and challenges faced in each book.

Caer Innar is a humorous magic punk fantasy setting, with several distinct time periods – The Lost Age, The Imperial Age, and The Archanical Age. With different series focusing on a variety of characters from across the world and times, the Tales from Caer Innar are packed full of epic adventures, wild rogues, powerful mages, and lucky fools.

Latest Posts

Limited digital bookplates

If you are subscribed to our mailing list, you’ll have seen that we are giving away some special edition bookplates with every book purchased on Amazon. Nothing against the other book stores, but that’s currently the only place you can find my books! All you have to do is send me a message on Facebook,Continue reading “Limited digital bookplates”

NanoWrimo 2021

A very very rough draft of my ‘entry’ for this years challenge can be found in this post. There will be spelling mistakes and all sorts of errors, I’m sure, but if you can overlook all that, you are welcome to come along for the ride! This will be updated daily, so please check backContinue reading “NanoWrimo 2021”

The Spear Of Irinden

The risk of dying from a goldfish attack is low, but it isn’t zero. The sole survivor of a hunt gone horribly wrong, Yeveka is forced to ally with Maran. While potentially a deranged mystic, he claims to have knowledge of a weapon lost to history – her first glimmer of hope for getting theContinue reading “The Spear Of Irinden”

Rebirth of the Mage

Getting assassinated in his sleep certainly wasn’t on the top of Eric’s to do list, but apparently these things happen when you are set to inherit a crime syndicate.Fortunately, for Eric at least, a previously unknown power is keeping him alive and well, despite numerous attempts, and successes, to stab, maim and dismember him. ArmedContinue reading “Rebirth of the Mage”


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