Rebirth of the Mage

Getting assassinated in his sleep certainly wasn’t on the top of Eric’s to do list, but apparently these things happen when you are set to inherit a crime syndicate.
Fortunately, for Eric at least, a previously unknown power is keeping him alive and well, despite numerous attempts, and successes, to stab, maim and dismember him.

Armed with his suspicions, and aided by a Captain just the wrong side of drunk, Victor Claye seeks to bring Eric to the legendary last enclave of mages living in Caer Innar, hoping that they can help the boy understand his new gifts. Together, this odd crew will embark on a journey that will take them far away from the Empire.

What is Mr Claye hoping to gain from these introductions? If these mages even still exist, will they be willing to help?
Find out as the magic and mayhem continues in book two of the Three Crowns.

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