Limited digital bookplates

If you are subscribed to our mailing list, you’ll have seen that we are giving away some special edition bookplates with every book purchased on Amazon. Nothing against the other book stores, but that’s currently the only place you can find my books! All you have to do is send me a message on Facebook, or email (syntheticmindspress [at] with a screenshot of your book purchase and I will send you the bookplate of your choice.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited reader, just send a screenshot of the book loaded on your phone!

There are nine designs to choose from, each limited and numbered up to 5000 and representing the different magical Sources found in the books set in Caer Innar. While you get to choose your design, the numbers are randomized, so no promises on which one you will get there sorry! They are also sized to be printed as a standard business card, so if you want to get a physical copy to hold you can print it out at home!

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